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Photo of Petrik
Petrik is a creative professional residing in West Auckland, New Zealand.

These days he is taking on work as props maker/buyer, set dresser, loading-in and loading-out for theatre productions and other roles within the performance arts environment.

Petrik started his working life in photography, in photo developing labs (yes, these were the days of film, no digital yet). He also worked the studio taking portrait photos for customers before moving on to become a newspaper photographer for a local community newspaper.

Being self taught in almost everything he does he went out and got some paper work in 2003 by way of a Graduate Diploma in Multimedia from Auckland University of Technology. After which he took on roles in education and small businesses working on website content creation and management as well as in-house graphic design and print advertising work. There have been a few other roles over the years in a variety of areas which have added to his overall skill sets but for the most part everything he does and has done is in the creative arena.

He makes for a very reliable and trustworthy member of your team so contact him now to have him working on your project.