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I am always interested in taking on commision work or other assignments. Below you can find some details on the way it works and you can fill out the form to get me working on your project.

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Hourly rates

These are his hourly rates* for various scenarios.

He does the work ............................ $25 p/h
You watch while he works ............... $75 p/h
You give advice as he works ........... $250 p/h
You started and now need it fixed ... $750 p/h

* For a more serious estimate use the form below.

Working for exposure

For exposure, Petrik strips naked and runs around the block.

Exposure doesn't pay the bills so you'll be hard pressed to have him working purely for exposure.

Based on the above you can probably understand why exposure is not his general way of operating so lets just bypass that conversation altogether.

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How can I help?

Let Petrik know the details of the work you'd like him to do.

The more details you can provide the better he can estimate his charges to you.
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