Creative Professional

There are so many cool things one can do creatively that it is hard to choose and pick just one thing to focus on.

Petrik's current creative interests include, prop making for film and theatre, miniature furniture creation, scroll saw work.

He enjoys the process from having or receiving an idea and concept, to working out the technicalities on how to create it, to making it and delivering the final results.

If you're in need of bringing your idea to life and could do with some practical help, why not fill in the form below. Let's take that idea and turn it into a reality.

FYI: Petrik also runs a website (with associated Facebook page and Group) for New Zealand Artists, Crafters and Makers at 

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Materials and Tools

Here's a small list (certainly not exhaustive) of some of the materials and tools Petrik works with in his creative projects.

EVA Foam
Extruded polystyrene (XPS foam)
Paper mache
Various plastics

Various power saws
Various hand saws
Craft knifes
Glue guns
Spanners and pliers
The lists go on.